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All these exam papers are (or were, until recently) available for download from the AQA website, but they aren't especially straightforward to locate, particularly if you want to download batches of papers, so I've taken the liberty of making them available here as zipped collections of the original PDFs:

All available papers from Jan-05 to Jun-13
Note: SS denotes statistics papers for a Statistics A-level (as opposed to Maths & Stats)
C1 Past Papers zipM1 Past Papers zip
C2 Past Papers zipM2 Past Papers zip
C3 Past Papers zipM3 Past Papers zip
C4 Past Papers zipM4 Past Papers zip
M5 Past Papers zip
FP1 Past Papers zip
FP2 Past Papers zipS1/SS1 Past Papers zip
FP3 Past Papers zipS2 Past Papers zip
FP4 Past Papers zipSS2 Past Papers zip
SS3 Past Papers zip
D1 Past Papers zipSS4 Past Papers zip
D2 Past Papers zipSS5 Past Papers zip
SS6 Past Papers zip

2014 Exam Papers: Worked Solutions

The following are my own solutions to the summer 2014 A-level Maths exams.  Note: These were completed at the time of the exams, and are only being made available now that AQA have released the 2014 papers publically.  Therefore I was not working from a mark scheme, and these do not constitute official solutions - they are just my own solutions to the questions.  If you find any errors, or know of a better solution, please email me so I can update them.  Thanks to those of you who have already done so - corrections have been made and versions updated.  
AQA MPC1 Core 1 Mathematics 19 May 2014:AQA_MPC1_Core_1_Mathematics_19_May_2014.pdf
AQA MFP2 Further Pure 3 Further Mathematics 19 May 2014:AQA_MFP3_Further_Pure_3_Further_Mathematics_19_May_2014.pdf
AQA MPC2 Core 2 Mathematics 22 May 2014:AQA_MPC2_Core_2_Mathematics_22_May_2014.pdf
AQA SS1B Statistics 1 Statistics 22 May 2014:AQA_SS1B_Statistics_1_Statistics_22_May_2014.pdf
AQA MPC3 Core 3 Mathematics 10 June 2014:AQA_MPC3_Core_3_Mathematics_10_June_2014.pdf
AQA MFP1 Further Pure 1 Further Mathematics 10 June 2014:AQA_MFP1_Further_Pure_1_Further_Mathematics_10_June_2014.pdf
AQA MS1B Statistics 1 Mathematics 06 June 2014:AQA_MS1B_Statistics_1_Mathematics_06_June_2014.pdf
AQA MPC4 Core 4 Mathematics 12 June 2014:AQA_MPC4_Core_4_Mathematics_12_June_2014.pdf
AQA MM1B Mechanics 1 Mathematics 16 June 2014: AQA_MM1B_Mechanics_1_Mathematics_16_June_2014.pdf
AQA MFP2 Further Pure 2 Further Mathematics 18 June 2014: AQA_MFP2_Further_Pure_2_Further_Mathematics_18_June_2014.pdf
AQA MD01 Decision 1 Mathematics 18 June 2014:AQA_MD01_Decision_1_Mathematics_18_June_2014.pdf
AQA MM2B Mechanics 2 Mathematics 23 June 2014: AQA_MM2B_Mechanics_2_Mathematics_23_June_2014.pdf

Exam Summary Methods
These are designed as an aid to revision, especially for when you are working through an exam paper and get stuck on a question because you don't know how to begin, or what they expect you to do.  Rather than taking a peek at the mark scheme, get a brief summary of the method I would use to solve each question:
Exam PaperMark SchemeSummary Method
08Jan-C1.pdf 08Jan-C1-MS.pdf C1_08Jan_SummaryMethod.pdf

Alternate Core 3 Mathematics paper: C3_Alternate_Paper.pdf
This is designed as a follow-up to the AQA June 2014 exam.  If you attempted the 2014 exam paper as part of your exam prep, you may benefit from trying this one next.  The questions are very closely based on the 2014 exam, so the skills being tested are the same, but I have changed the functions and expressions, etc, so you won't just be answering the same questions all over again.  Includes full worked solutions.

All A-level Mathematics Resources:

A-level Maths ResourcesA-Level Maths Resources: For teaching or learning A-level Maths and Further Maths, this is a collection of the hundreds of worksheets, interactive spreadsheets and other resources designed for introducing new concepts, testing understanding and revising and consolidating content.  
A-level Maths and Further Maths Exam PapersAQA Past Papers for Mathematics and Further Mathematics A-level: Organised by module and grouped into zip files, this allows you to download a single folder of past exam papers and mark schemes for each module.  Includes full worked solutions to recent 2014 A-level maths papers as well as summary methods to aid revision.  
A-level Maths Questions By TopicA-level Maths Questions By Topic: A searchable Excel spreadsheet containing links to over 100 worked solutions, an indexed list of questions in past exam papers by topic as a pdf and full sets of exam questions arranged according to topic available to download.  
Not-Formula Books for A-level MathsNot-Formula Books: Everything you need to know for each of the most popular A-level Maths and Further Maths modules, that the formula book won't tell you.  A summary of important results and methods, available to download as pdf documents.  
Essentials Revision CardsA-level Maths Essentials Revision Cards: Available to download as pdf documents, these are single-page summaries of the fundamental results and formulae required by some of the most popular A-level Maths modules.  Can be shrunk down to A6 size.  
Ask An ExpertAsk An Expert: Send me any A-level Maths or Further Maths question, and I will provide full worked solutions, same day, with as much explanation as you need.  Standard and Premium services available from 2.50.  
The Chalkface one-to-one tuitionOne to One Maths Tuition: I offer tuition in Kenilworth for 40 an hour for A-level Maths, A-level Further Maths or STEP or AEA test preparation.  

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