ICT Resources


Database of 300+ resources: KS3 – GCSE – A-level



Database of 800+ A-level Exam Questions: C1,C2,C3,C4,M1,M2,D1,FP1
FlightPath – Investigating parabolas through projectile motion






Prime Factor Decomposition – Introducing primes, and learning about HCF and LCM




Algebra Scales – Introducing linear equations




Morse Code & Braille – Interpreting codes in language



Angles & Trigonometry – Introducing angle rules and interpreting trigonometry





Horizon – Applying Pythagoras’ Theorem to calculating horizons





Grapher – Introducing and investigating straight line graphs



Circle Theorems – Proofs and demonstrations



Dice Games – Introducing combined probability and sample spaces




Binomial Expansion – Investigating the use of binomial for approximations




SUVAT Calculator – For quickly solving kinematics problems


Banked Curve Calculator - For reinforcing an understanding of the forces involved in

Wall of Death events, as well as cars travelling around banked turns in the road.




Complex Number Forms – To support the teaching of De Moivre, etc