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So you want to be an A-level Mathematician?

AQA Further Mathematics Level 2 Qualification

This is a relatively new qualification designed for students who have achieved, or are expecting to achieve, an A or A* in GCSE Maths and are planning to go on to study Maths and possibly Further Maths at A-level.  An overview of the course is given below, along with links to AQA resources.  This is often offered as an additional qualification to high-achieving GCSE students, and is likely to demand a high level of independent study.  The resources offered below are aimed primarily at revision.  There are past exam papers, including some with full worked solutions and my own revision guide.  

Course Overview:
Number: Fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio, proportion, manipulation of surds
Algebra: Functions, factorising expressions, rational expressions, manipulation of formulae, graphs of functions, linear and quadratic inequalities, linear and quadratic simultaneous equations, indices, algebraic proof, sequences.  
Coordinate Geometry: Straight line equations, Pythagoras' theorem, calculating gradients, finding mid-points, equation of a circle, application of circle facts.  
Calculus: Differentiation concept, finding gradient, differentiating polynomials, tangents and normals, stationary points, sketching curves.  
Matrix Transformations: Matrix multiplication, the identity matrix, transformations, combined transformations.  
Geometry: Area and perimeter, volume and surface area, circle theorems, geometric proof, trigonometry, 2-D and 3-D Pythagoras' theorem, 3-D trigonometry, trigonometric graphs, trigonometric equations.  

AQA Further Maths Level 2 Specification

Past Papers (up to 2013, including mark schemes) ZIP file

June 2012 Past Paper 1 (non-calculator) Full Worked Solutions

June 2012 Past Paper 2 (calculator) Full Worked Solutions

Jan 2013 Past Paper 1 (non-calculator) Full Worked Solutions

**NEW** - AQA Further Maths Level 2 Need To Know Booklet - **NEW**
FML2 Need To Know Booklet

Mathematics Resources Online - This is my own collection of resources, many designed for use in the classroom, but many also suitable for home use as part of a revision schedule.