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I am a student, and therefore have very little money.  This means I don't have a car, and, wherever possible, don't use the bus. During my latter school days, when I might get a whole morning free before my first lesson, I would occasionally miss the early morning bus and cycle the 7 miles to get some extra time in bed.  This worked fine, and I employed similar tactics in the recent summer holidays, when I was working in a cheese factory from 6am.  A little harder to roll out of the hammock for than a 2 o'clock lesson, but still preferable to getting up even earlier for a bus.  

There is, however, a better way.  During my gap year I pioneered my hitch-hiking career.  I passed my driving test, but I couldn't use the family car every day, so half the time I was obliged to get a bus.  Or thumb a lift.  It wasn't until my brother Robin came back from school with two return ferry tickets for Ireland (given to him free as an incentive not to miss lessons - kids these days...) that my hitching career started to go international.  Here's a brief outline of our hitch-hiking holiday:

Hitching in Ireland and Wales

In July of 2006 myself and one of my housemates from Uni, Colin, attempted to hitch-hike to Scotland.  The trip was insprired partly due to my rose-tinted eloquencies about the above trip and further brief forays into hitching (such as hitching down through the lakes summer '05 with Robin while the family had the broken down van towed home and came back for us in the car a few days later).  An added incentive was a mission trip we were both preparing for to Montenegro, happening in August '06.  We decided to collect sponsorship for our adventure, which more or less constrained us to using hitch-hiking as our sole means of transport on the journey.  Read all about it here:

Hitching from Leicestershire to Scotland

By the summer of 2008 I had sufficiently recovered from these experiences to feel up to writing a poem about my jaunt to Scotland, carried out concurrently with Robin's hitch-hike through Europe.  What it lacks in complete accuracy it makes up for by rhyming (more or less): When Brothers Hitchhike