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Cambridge STEP and Oxford Entrance Examination papers

Oxford, Cambridge and a number of other top universities either require applicants to sit one of these papers or at least include completion as an option in their offers, making them worth serious consideration for the top end candidates.  Unfortunately, very few schools and colleges will be able to spare the time to coach for these tests, and by their very nature there is no textbook to work through or methods to learn.  Questions are designed to require only the level of maths you will have already encountered in your Maths (and sometimes Further Maths) A-level courses, but require a level of understanding and intuition not usually found in A-level examinations.  

By their very nature, a student can't be 'taught' to solve STEP problems, but by working alongside a tutor who knows how to encourage good problem solving technique, can provide useful tips and model suitable procedures for tackling unfamiliar problems.  You will develop a much more thorough understanding of functions, dealing with more and more abstract versions of familiar scenarios and learn what to look for and how to go about dealing with a maths problem when it is nothing like you've ever seen before.  

I live in Bingham, Nottinghamshire

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I tutor at my home or online via Skype.  

Frequently Asked Questions
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The most useful thing you can do in preparation for your STEP paper is practice lots of questions (see below for past papers).  
The next most useful thing you can do is find someone to work through questions with.  This can be another student, but often working alongside someone with more mathematical experience will help you to build the intuition necessary to deal effectively with these problems.  

Note: These questions are designed to be challenging - typically you will be expected to answer 6 questions out of 13 (only your best 6 will be marked), so expect to struggle with the majority of these.  You will need to be able to identify which questions play to your strengths, and be prepared to go down blind alleys, try a line of thought and abandon it if it isn't working.  You should not expect me to answer every question for you straight away, but rather work alongside you, giving advice and modelling a good approach to problem solving.  In the long run, students find this much more valuable than someone simply rattling off solutions with no insight into the process involved.  

STEP papers & solutions 2004-2010 zip file
Past STEP papers for papers I, II and III including solutions.  

Anthony is more than a tutor. He is a brilliant mathematician, an inspiration and a mentor who is genuinely passionate about the subject and furthering the knowledge of his students. Couldn't have done my A-Level Maths and Further Maths without him. WOULD recommend. (Also makes fantastic tea).
Sam, A-level Maths student