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SHL Numerical Reasoning / Graduate Numeracy Test Tuition

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If you're in the process of applying for a job in a large national or multi-national company, the chances are they will have given you a slew of psychometric tests to take as part of the recruitment process.  

If you've had the chance to try some of SHL's practice tests online, you may well have been surprised by the high level of understanding required to pass their Numerical Reasoning test.  The mathematical skills necessary (reading and interpreting graphs and tables, manipulating percentages and ratios, etc) are not too taxing, but often the questions are a real pain to get your head around, especially with a strict time limit.  

I have helped numerous people prepare for their Numerical Reasoning tests, and often a couple of hours spent with someone who knows how it works can make the world of a difference.  You can quickly go from being completely at sea to having a clear methodology to follow, a handful of handy maths tricks to apply and a much better understanding of the type and content of the problems you'll face.  

I live in Bingham, Nottinghamshire

50 per hour

I tutor at my home or online via Skype.  

Please note: I'm offering tuition.  I will not take the test for you (see below).  

Frequently Asked Questions

Call me on 0770 4321 151 or email

Tuition materials and methods developed in partnership with GroundmarkMaths

I am a Maths graduate and full-time Maths teacher who can help you prepare for SHL-style tests, including:
Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning, Deductive and Critical Reasoning

I have some materials of my own (see a selection below), but if you want to bring a book or practice materials of your own, I am of course happy to work through those with you instead / as well.  

Most Frequently Asked Question - "How much will it cost for you to sit the test for me?"
1) A test that you take at home, over the internet?  Surely cheating is a no-brainer, right?
The companies you're applying to know some people will try to cheat, which is why they have a second (supervised) round of testing.  Fail that, and they'll know you faked the first.  
2) But it's the only thing holding me back from a job I'd be great at!
Chances are, if they're asking for the test, they want you to have the skills.  If you're doing a bunch of assessments others may be weighted more highly, but if they say they want numerical reasoners, the job probably needs someone who can reason numerically.  If you got the job, sooner or later you'll have to rely on skills that you don't actually have.  Better to spend your money getting the skills than on pretending you already do.  
3) OK, so you have to put this on your website, but seriously - how much?
See above for my reasons.  If they don't convince you, fair enough.  But I'm not doing your maths for you, even if you pay me.  My job is teaching you (and I'm pretty good at it), so unless you want to be taught, please don't get in touch.  


To help you get started, here's a brief summary of my problem solving method.  This is how I often approach a daunting problem:

Problem Solving Techniques

Numerical Reasoning Resources

Percentages skills - calculator shortcuts

Currency conversion - the basics provide an excellent range of practice materials, some free
Really handy guide to the tests, also from

SHL Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests from

My Sample Questions 1 (with solutions)

My Sample Questions 2 (with solutions)

If you have found my resources particularly helpful, and feel that you can spare a pound or two, I would be very grateful if you would consider making a small donation towards the costs of hosting the website (ad-free).