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A-Level Maths Preparation

Mathematics at A-level is a whole different ball-game to GCSE.  Some topics you'll leave behind and never use again, but any lingering confusion over quadratics, graphs of functions or trigonometry will spell trouble once you start year 12.  

My A-Level Maths Preparartion course is designed to be taken by students who have completed, or are about to complete, their Maths GCSE and plan to start A-level Maths or Further Maths in the near future.  It includes diagnostic tests to identify key areas of focus, provision of a carefully chosen text book with notes, examples and questions for home study, unlimited email support throughout the course, and two hours of one-to-one tuition, either in person or via Skype if more convenient.  Additional support will also be available, if required, once the A-level course begins.  

The course will be tailored to your specific needs, so in addition to the diagnostic assessment I will need to know the course you are preparing for (eg Maths or Further Maths, including, ideally, which of the optional modules you will cover).  As well as shoring up GCSE knowledge and understanding, the course is aimed at making you ready for the demands and expectations of an A-level, and a general grasp of the content you will study will be beneficial, especially in the first year.  

Some students may already be taking additional qualifications in preparation for A-level, such as
Applications of Mathematics, Methods in Mathematics Further Maths Level 2, Additional Mathematics or a Free-Standing Maths Qualification.  These are especially helpful to students of Further Maths, who will be expected to hit the ground running to an even greater extent than those taking the single A-level.  

I live in Bingham, Nottinghamshire.

150 full course fee (introductory rate for summer 2016)

40 per hour for one-off or additional sessions

I tutor at my home or online via Skype.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Call me on 0770 4321 151 or email

Mathematics Resources Online - This is my own collection of resources, many designed for use in the classroom, but many also suitable for home use as part of a revision schedule.  
Further Maths Level 2 Resources - This qualification is designed to bridge the gap to GCSE.  Even if you're not studying it, looking over these resources will help with A-level prep.  
So you want to be an A-level Mathematician?  My own 'reading list' of online comics, youtube channels and free software to help and inspire you as you begin your course.