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Preparing for A-level Maths: 40A-level Maths, Further Maths & equivalent: 40STEP, Oxford Entrance & equivalent: 40

SHL Numerical Reasoning & equivalent: 50

I live in Bingham, Nottinghamshire and can tutor at my home or remotely via skype.  
I provide unlimited email support for students in between sessions.  
I offer tuition on weekday evenings.  Contact me for availability.  
Please get in touch if you require tuition for a qualification not listed.  

Why get a tutor?
I appreciate how difficult and disheartening it can be to struggle with maths, and it is an especially difficult subject to learn in a busy classroom environment or independently.  Sometimes one-to-one help is the best way to encourage and support student learning.  Working alongside a tutor who can identify and tackle misconceptions and provide specific, personalised advice and support, can be a total game-changer, especially with challenging topics such as those covered at A-level and beyond.  
One-to-one tuition gives the opportunity for students to work at their own pace, focusing on their chosen areas of study.  It allows time for tutors to explain new concepts thoroughly, identify the root causes of confusion and address misconceptions.  
It doesn't take a maths teacher to realise that when it comes to personalised help with your learning, one-to-one beats thirty-to-one hands down.  
That said, tuition isn't for everyone.  Please read my FAQs before making your decision:

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About Me
I am a full-time maths teacher in the Nottinhamshire area, teaching secondary school mathematics up to A-level Maths and Further Maths.  I am a Maths graduate from the University of Warwick, and I hold a PGCE from Warwick Institute of Education.  I have a full Enhanced Disclosure CRB.  

I offer tuition primarily for A-level preparation, AS and A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics.  I also offer coaching for Numeracy and Numerical Reasoning tests such as SHL recruitment selection tests.  If you need a bit of extra help for an upcoming exam, want to shore up your understanding in some key areas, or even if you are just keen to widen your skills base with some general functional mathematics coaching, I would be keen to help.  Scroll down to see testimonials from previous students.  

Please get in touch if you are interested or have any questions:  or  0770 4321 151


The tuition sessions I had really increased and helped my understanding of AS level maths and further maths and have put me in a good position for my exams. The sessions were incredibly useful and beneficial as we could go through any topics I struggled with and it made each topic a lot clearer and helped me understand. I have benefitted greatly from having tuition here!
Jasmine, A-level Maths student 19/05/14

I was really pleased with the grade that I gained with your help!
Anna, GCSE Maths student 11/01/14

Anthony is more than a tutor. He is a brilliant mathematician, an inspiration and a mentor who is genuinely passionate about the subject and furthering the knowledge of his students. Couldn't have done my A-Level Maths and Further Maths without him. WOULD recommend. (Also makes fantastic tea)
Sam, A-level Maths student 18/06/13

I found the tutoring sessions very useful and learnt a great deal. While revising, it was very reassuring to know that I would have someone to ask if I got stuck on a certain topic. It has certainly improved my chances of getting the grade I need considerably. 
Sandeep, A-level Maths student 12/06/13

"I travelled all the way up from London to see Anthony.  Anthony is very supportive in any way he can help.  I came up with a suitable plan that I knew would help me and he was more than happy to follow this.  There wasn't a single question he couldn't answer.  He also gave advice which should help me for any test I take in the future.  If you live in London or a couple of hours distance from Anthony's location, I would defintely recommend travelling.  Thanks."
Leon, Graduate Numerical Reasoning student 11/01/13

"I found the session very helpful and picked up tips on ratios and percentages that I had no knowledge of at all!  I think it was useful that I had already done 25 questions for us to go through in the session as it gave us a focus. We could go through the questions I had done incorrectly which saved time."  
Rachel, Graduate Numerical Reasoning student 10/01/13

Thanks for your help over the last few months, I was able to get a B in maths and got into my first choice uni!  Thanks again!  
James, A-level Maths student 29/08/12

"To be honest I never believed I could enjoy solving Maths problems. I usually kept as far away from maths as possible simply because I was never given the opportunity to understand how enjoyable and easy maths can be. After just a few lessons with Anthony I felt much more confident and resilient when it came to solving maths problems. Anthony simplified the problems I faced and provided me with a clear understanding pertaining to quick and easy methods applicable to solve maths problems I had difficulties with. The resources Anthony provided me to work on away from lessons were very helpful. Thanks to Anthony I passed my maths tests and got onto the graduate scheme of my dreams. K-Ching!"  
Guv, Graduate Numerical Reasoning student 10/02/08

"The tuition has helped me enormously because my teachers in class sometimes explain things in a confusing way or they do not explain why we do something or what we have found out tells us.  The way Anthony taught me, told me a lot of things about where things come from and why we do different things.  Thanks Anthony!"  
George, A-level Maths student 18/01/08

"Thank you for being so patient despite my lack of motivation and effort, I found our sessions extremely helpful and enjoyable (not something i would usually associate with maths!) I found your approach to be extremely effective for me, and your knowledge of the subject was impressive to say the least, i only wish my A-level teaching was of such high quality. I am extremely grateful for your tuition."  
Joe, A-level Maths student 07/01/08