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Answers to quick questions about mathematics by email for 50p

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If you have a very quick question involving mathematics or your A-level course, maybe you don't need tuition or a full worked solution, but you want the input of an expert.  In Mathematics and Further Mathematics A-level, often an unfamiliar question can have us confused for hours when it would only take a couple of minutes for an experienced teacher to point us in the right direction.  If this applies to you, for a 50p PayPal contribution you can get a rapid response to those bewildering maths questions you may have.  

How it works:
1. You email me your question with Quick Question in the subject line - this can be a snippet from an exam question ("How do I go about differentiating ln(xy)?") or a general question about the content you are studying ("Why does pi appear in the formula for volumes of revolution?"), or about the exams you will be taking ("Will I need to choose between cos(x+a) and cos(x-a) in Core 3?")  
2. As soon as possible, I reply with a brief explanation or answer.  If your question is outside my expertise, I'll tell you and hopefully point you in the right direction.  
4. If you're still confused, you can reply to clarify your answer.  If you are looking for considerably more explanation or a full solution to a more involved problem I might point you in the direction of my Ask an Expert service.  
5. Finally, if you're satisfied with my response, you can click on the link in my email to send me 50p via PayPal.  

I can help with any aspect of the A-level course, including Maths and Further Maths modules:

Core 1          Core 2          Core 3          Core 4
Mechanics 1          Mechanics 2          Mechanics 3          Mechanics 4          Mechanics 5
Statistics 1          Statistics 2          Statistics 3
Decision 1
Further Pure 1          
Further Pure 2          Further Pure 3          Further Pure 4
Cambridge STEP Examination papers          Oxford Entrance Examination papers

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Guarantee: I have been teaching and tutoring A-level Maths and Further Maths for over 10 years, so I do know my stuff, but we all occasionally make mistakes.  If you are fortunate enough to uncover one in any answers I send you, I will of course refund any payment made, and offer you free support the next time you need help, to make up for it.  

Other qualifications: I can't guarantee I'll be able to answer any maths question you throw at me, but if it's a broadly similar level to the UK A-levels (that's the highest pre-university maths course studied in the UK) I'll probably be able to help.  If in doubt, send me the question - if it really is beyond me I'll tell you straight away so you don't waste your time.  

Referrals: If you find my answers and explanations helpful, I'd appreciate it if you'd let your friends and classmates know.  If they quote your name when they get in touch they get a free Quick Question, and you get your next one free too, as a thank you.  

All A-level Mathematics Resources:

A-level Maths ResourcesA-Level Maths Resources: For teaching or learning A-level Maths and Further Maths, this is a collection of the hundreds of worksheets, interactive spreadsheets and other resources designed for introducing new concepts, testing understanding and revising and consolidating content.  
A-level Maths and Further Maths Exam PapersAQA Past Papers for Mathematics and Further Mathematics A-level: Organised by module and grouped into zip files, this allows you to download a single folder of past exam papers and mark schemes for each module.  Includes full worked solutions to recent 2014 A-level maths papers as well as summary methods to aid revision.  
A-level Maths Questions By TopicA-level Maths Questions By Topic: A searchable Excel spreadsheet containing links to over 100 worked solutions, an indexed list of questions in past exam papers by topic as a pdf and full sets of exam questions arranged according to topic available to download.  
Not-Formula Books for A-level MathsNot-Formula Books: Everything you need to know for each of the most popular A-level Maths and Further Maths modules, that the formula book won't tell you.  A summary of important results and methods, available to download as pdf documents.  
Essentials Revision CardsA-level Maths Essentials Revision Cards: Available to download as pdf documents, these are single-page summaries of the fundamental results and formulae required by some of the most popular A-level Maths modules.  Can be shrunk down to A6 size.  
Ask An ExpertAsk An Expert: Send me any A-level Maths or Further Maths question, and I will provide full worked solutions, same day, with as much explanation as you need.  Standard and Premium services available.  
Quick QuestionQuick Question: If you have a very quick question, or a snippet of an exam question you can't quite figure out, send it my way and I'll be able to point you in the right direction for the modest fee of 50p.  
The Chalkface one-to-one tuitionOne to One Maths Tuition: I offer tuition in Bingham, Nottinghamshire for 40 an hour for A-level Maths, A-level Further Maths or STEP or AEA test preparation.