Sir Frank Whittle
A celebratory tour of Coventry
Colin and Anthony go scouting round Coventry for Whittle memorabilia.  Or 'whittling'...

Colin and Anthony continue their string of adventures with a tour of Whittle memorabilia in Coventry to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth.  Sir Frank Whittle, born 1st June 1907 in Earlsdon, was the inventor of the jet engine.  
Hearsall Common - Our outing began at the common near our house.  According to legend, he witnessed a forced landing of a biplane on this very common at the tender age of 9, where his cap was blown off.  

Colin and Ant beside the monument

Ant atop the monument
"Here Frank Whittle first felt the power of flight..."
Newcombe Road - The next street along from our own, Frank Whittle was born here on this very day 100 years ago at number 72.  Exciting, isn't it?

Ant getting a closer look

Close-up of the plaque
Frank Whittle's birthplace
The Whittle Arches - Nobody knows what they're for, but as large-scale sculptures go, they're pretty cool.  Their proximity to the Coventry Transport Museum might lead unsuspecting Whittle fans to believe the museum would contain some form of Whittle memorabilia.  Don't be fooled; it's all old cars and bikes.  

The arches from a distance

The nearest thing to a jet engine in the Transport Museum

An unexpected plane cockpit discovered in the vicinity
The Whittle Arches
The Frank Whittle Statue - When I first drew up my list of sites of interest to whittlers, this statue didn't feature.  This was mainly due to the fact that it was only unveiled on the 1st June.  Clearly we're not the only ones mildly excited by the anniversary.  


Full statue


BBC reporting on the unveiling
The Sir Frank Whittle statue.  Interestingly, he's copying Anthony's pose.  And why is Colin stroking his feet?
Coventry University Building - Probably one of the more exciting moments of our adventure; two Warwick students infiltrate enemy turf, and have the audacity to take photographs of their academic buildings.  Despite being erroneously directed by a receptionist who presumably sussed out where we were from, we got in and took more photos than you can shake a (whittled) stick at.  


A plaque from inside

An attempted lift of a (presumably priceless) Whittle poster
The Sir Frank Whittle Engineering building of Coventry University